Calligraphy Days in Finland 2021

The yearly Calligraphy Days (Kalligrafiapäivät) is the most important event of our Society and for all calligraphy enthusiasts in Finland. The event gathers calligraphers of all levels to spend a weekend in mid-June with like-minded friends. There are usually four workshops with Finnish and foreign professionals and plenty of other calligraphy-related programmes.

In 2020 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our Society under the theme Letters like Jewelry. Because all events were cancelled last year, both the Calligraphy Days and our juried jubilee exhibition covered this theme and took place this year.

After the many changed plans The Finnish Calligraphy Days were organized online. We had three different courses and each of them lasted two days.

Gaynor Goffe’s course was on italic which is a key script for calligraphers, useful both in its basic form and in its many interesting variations. Goffe has been a professional calligrapher and teacher for 40 years. She has taught calligraphy at the Roehampton Institute and on many short courses in Britain and abroad, several times in Finland too.

Veiko Kespersaks has taught calligraphy for Finnish students at the Art School in Kankaanpää for many years. He is the leading voice of most Finnish calligraphers today. This year the topic of his course was Modern Calligraphy.

The third course was given by Finnish artist and calligrapher Marika Koskimäki. She is a well known artist among Finnish calligraphy lovers. She had planned the course suitable for our  theme Letters like Jewelry.

We are very happy about the collaboration with The School of Calligraphy and Lettering Art in Klaipeda. Our collaboration started about two years ago. As a result of this cooperation we were able to provide an opportunity for two Lithuanian students Kristina Marmokaitė ir Ugne Češkevičiūtė to take part in Veiko’s course.

Veiko taught first in Finnish and then translated into English. All materials were in English, so I hope students got all the information and felt that they were warmly welcome to join our Calligraphy Days.

Pauliina Yliniitty
Antikantie 65, 86510 Matkaniva
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