Presentation of Professor Albertas Gurskas’ book “KALIGRAFIJOS MENO VERSMĖS:TEKSTAI LIETUVAI” in Klaipeda.

A long-awaited, carefully planned meeting with Prof. A. Gurskas and the presentation of the new professor’s book “KALIGRAFIJOS MENO VERSMĖS:TEKSTAI LIETUVAI” in Klaipėda.
Sincere thanks to Professor A. Gurskas, Prof. J. Gudmonas, graphic artist D. Ivanauskaitė (one of  those who compiled the book).  book), writers D. Molytė-Lukauskienė for the warm conversation. 

Thanks to Neringa Poškute-Jukumienė Chairwoman of Lithuanian ArtistsAssociation Klaipėda deprtament and  Rosana Lukauskaitė for the hospitable reception. 

Also thanks to Ingrida Mockute-Pocienė for the photos. We really appreciate the visual documentation.
Of course, a great big thank you to everyone who attended the presentation of the book!

 School of Calligraphy and Lettering Art named under Prof.A.Kliševičius which initiated the event, will be waiting for you at other school events as well.

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