Contemporary Lithuanian Calligraphy Exhibition

This year, the School of Calligraphy and Lettering Art will invite you not only to workshops, but also to the exhibition Contemporary Lithuanian Calligraphy.
For the opportunity to see this exhibition we would like to thank artist and curator of this exhibition Daliute Ivanauskaitė. The exhibition and catalog Contemporary Lithuanian Calligraphy was first presented at Kazys Varnelis House – Museum (Vilnius).
At the exhibition we will see the work of older generation calligraphers A. Gurskas, Br. Leonavičius and young artists G. Čyvaitė, G. Suraučiūtė and others artworks, which have been created using various techniques and materials. The exposition will also feature the works of Klaipėda based calligrapher and Calligraphy and Lettering Art school lecturer Mindaugas Petrulis.
As Daliutė Ivanauskaitė, the curator of the exhibition, observes: ” today, when the needs of font and calligraphy change with the advent of various information technologies, and the readability of the text becomes secondary or even unnecessary, the impact of calligraphic art on human spiritual development, author and viewer aesthetic sense is increasingly being assessed.“

The exhibition will take place between the 14th of September and the 12th of October.
The exhibition will take a place at Klaipeda City Municipality I. Kant Public Library Art department J.Janonio str.9.