2023 Fall Workshops

Calligraphy and lettering art school named under prof. A. Kliševičius brings together enthusiasts who love calligraphy unconditionally, who want to learn, find out, get to know… And if participants from Vilnius and Kaunas come to the classes of this, the only calligraphy school in Lithuania, then we are interesting and needed!
Information about school: https://www.ink4.art/ 

Linas Spurga Workshop
Tania Crossingham Workshop
Tania Crossingham lecture and workshop „Illuminations of manuscripts“

In an interesting lecture, we learnt about the techniques and methods used to create magnificent medieval manuscript books, and by whose request or whim. At the end of the lecture, those who wanted to had the opportunity to try writing the 14th century alphabet themselves.
The event took place in the I.Kant Public Library Art Department. Address J.Janonio str. 9.

2023 Summer Workshops

Linas Spurga Workshop

2022 Fall Workshops

Gina Jonas and Ona Bajorinienė Workshop
Linas Spurga Workshop
Paulina Yliniitti Workshop

2022 Spring Workshops

Lidija Kuklienė Workshop

The artist, calligrapher, associate professor Vilnius Academy of Arts Lidija Skačkauskaitė-Kuklienė led the workshop „Calligraphy as therapy“ 5-6 of May in Klaipeda.
The workshop partner is Klaipeda City Municipality I.Kant Public Library Art department.
The author of the photos is Ingrida Mockutė-Pocienė

Mindaugas Petrulis Workshop

Painter, calligrapher, ex-libris artist, associate professor Vilnius Vilnius Academy of Arts Mindaugas Petrulis led the creative workshop entitled”Calligraphy book” 2-6 of May in Klaipeda.
The workshop partner is Klaipėda faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts.
The author of the photos is Ingrida Mockutė-Pocienė.

Linas Spurga Workshop

Calligrapher, graphic designer, lecturer Linas Spurga (jnr) led the workshop “Brush Calligraphy” in Klaipeda 25-29 of April.
We will be waiting for Linas workshops in Klaipeda in September.
So keep an eye on the Calligraphy school webpage or subscribe the school

The workshop partner is LAA Klaipeda department. (Bažnyčių st. 6)
The author of the photos is Ingrida Mockutė-Pocienė

2021 Fall Workshops

2021 Spring Workshops

The School of Calligraphy and Lettering Art named after Professor Algis Kliševičius it is the only one of its kind in Lithuania. The school invited everyone interested in the art of writing, in the subtleties of creating calligraphic exlibris, calligraphy on fabric, to a creative workshop 14-18 of June in Klaipeda.
Two famous calligraphy artists Lidija Skačkauskaitė-Kuklienė, associate professor  Vilnius Academy of Arts, and Mindaugas Petrulis calligrapher, bookplate (ex-libris) creator, associate professor  Vilnius Academy of Arts, led a creative workshop on the interface between calligraphy and ex-libris EXLIBRIS IN A NEW WAY.
The workshop participants got acquainted with the principal means of expression, the basics of composition, combining the rules of Western calligraphy with the expression of Eastern calligraphy during the workshop. Participants had a great opportunity to create a specific artwork – a font exlibris for the chosen personality, institution, occasion.
Calligrapher professor  Vilnius Academy of Arts  Zita Inčirauskienė  will lead a creative workshop SEARCHING FOR THE LIMITS OF CALLIGRAPHY. DEDICATION TO VYTAUTAS MAČERNIS.
The aim of this creative workshop will be to evalute the uniqueness of the personal manuscript, to introduce the integration of calligraphy into textile art, to perform calligraphic practice on fabric and to create a general installation composition on the theme “Vytautas Mačernis shirts.”
The workshop is free and open to all, regardless of age, gender, education, ability.

The digitized works of the participants of the creative workshops will be exhibited on the website of the School of Calligraphy and Lettering Art: https://www.ink4.art
The initiator of the School of Calligraphy and Lettering Art named after Professor Algis Kliševičius is Art critic Rūta Jakštonienė.
The school operates and is implemented in the activity program of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association Klaipėda branch.

2020 Year Workshops