The School of Calligraphy and Lettering Art

Named after Professor Algis Kliševičius

The idea of ​​the School of Calligraphy and Lettering Art named after Professor Algis Kliševičius is to popularize the art of calligraphy and lettering art, to become conversant with professional calligraphers locally in Lithuania and abroad through practical classes, and to actualize the impact of script art on personal development. When interacting with professional artists, you will learn that calligraphy and lettering art – is not only associated with beautiful lettering, “remembering” goose-feather books rewritten by a scriptwriter, but also seeks to focus attention on noticing the peculiarities of graphic and spatial thinking, letter and symbol design, thought improvisation in various ways.

On the initiative of prof.A. Kliševičius (1950-2008), the first exhibition of Lithuanian font and calligraphy was organized in Klaipeda(1992). Klaipeda has since become a permanent space for font and calligraphy exhibitions. In 2005 the professor prepared the album „Calligraphy from the seaside.“ On his initiative the publication of the „Calligraphy Notebooks“ commenced, that have no analogues in Lithuania.

Thanks to prof A. Kliševičius, Klaipėda has become known as the „Capital of Calligraphy“ more about Professor>)some time. Therefore, the name of A. Kliševičius was chosen for the newly established school not by chance. Additionally, the fact that this school of Calligraphy and Lettering art began its activities in 2019 when we turned 100 years old, when a font course was started in the then Department of Art of Vilnius University and the teaching of calligraphy began , leads us to believe that the school will have a long and meaningful existence in our city.

The first School of Calligraphy and Lettering Art named by prof. A. Kliševičius was held on 24-28 of June, 2019. Topics of the shool were „From Manuscript to Contemporary Written Art.“

You are very welcome to the School of Calligraphy and Lettering Art again!
The registration fee for all workshops is 10 Eur.
Students of Vilnius Academy of Arts are exempt from the registration fee.

The detailed schedule for the Summer program you will find next to lecturer L. Spurgas (junior)

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