Professor Algis Kliševičius

Professor Algis Kliševičius (01 011950 -06 06 2008) was a Lithuanian graphic artist; a well known calligrapher; initiator of Calligraphy exhibitions and publications about calligraphic artwork in Lithuania.

From 1968-1973 A. Kliševičius studied at the Lithuanian Art Institute with the most famous Lithuanian calligraphers and his teachers prof. A. Gurskas, with prof. A. Kučas. Since 1973 A.Kliševičius presented more than 30 individual exhibitions and participated in ex-libris, graphics, calligraphy exhibitions together with other artists in Lithuania and other countries. 1972-1974 A. Kliševičius worked at the Pedagogical Research Institute in Vilnius, from 1974-2008 he taught at the Klaipėda Department of Visual Design in Vilnius Academy of Arts (now VAA Klaipėda Faculty). In 1992 A. Kliševičius was awarded the title of associate professor , and in 2007 the pedagogical title of professor. Since 1980 A. Kliševičius had been a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union.

This innovative, creative –minded and experimental artist, worked at the publishing house of Klaipeda University, designing over five hundred different publications. A. Kliševičius created prints, ex-libris, posters with the techniques of linocut, silk-screen printing and computer graphics. He accomplished a great deal in the fields of book graphics, book design, poster, created logos, advertising prints, and heraldic objects. Since the 1990‘s the artist had been particularly active in calligraphy. A. Kliševičius was the initiator and curator of three Lithuanian typography and calligraphy exhibitions Script Art (Klaipėda, 1992, 1999, 2004). He also participated in and organized joint and personal calligraphy exhibitions both in Lithuania and abroad. Notably, on the initiative of A. Kliševičius, the Calligraphy notebooks were published- the first continuous publications in Lithuania dedicated to calligraphy (10 issues were published by the year 2014).
Together with other colleagues, the professor composed the album Calligraphy from the Lithuanian Seaside (2005).
In 2008, 2010, and 2015 three exhibitions of Professor Algis Kliševičius‘s work in Klaipėda were organized posthumously.