Lidija Skackauskaite-Kukliene

Lidija Skačkauskaitė-Kuklienė  has been studying, working and teaching art for 39 years. L. Kuklienė is among the most famous Lithuanian calligraphers. In her artwork, she combines calligraphy, graphics, symbolism and positive psychology.
L.Kuklienė writes and supervises international projects, including 4 international calligraphy projects. More than 15 creative calligraphy workshops have been organized. The author has also published a book titled “Ideas of Written Art”

The artist is a member of the Klaipėda branch of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union.

The artist, calligrapher, VDA associate professor Lidija Skačkauskaitė-Kuklienė offers to look at calligraphy from a slightly different perspective and invites to workshop Calligraphy as therapy.
In these classes, we welcome both those who want to get acquainted with calligraphy as an art of writing and those who want to try writing as a meditation, and those who have experience in this field and do not dare to start learning calligraphy or lack of self-confidence. You will have the opportunity to express vivid emotions through abstract means, fantasize, experiment, write in ways you may have never tried.
Believe, you will reveal a lot of unexpected talents in yourself !

Human thoughts and experiences, being of subconscious origin, can be more easily expressed in images than in words. Art therapy in this area is very effective. However, calligraphy writing has not been mentioned anywhere so far as a meditative, therapeutic tool. The slow and accumulated writing of calligraphy can becomes a deep meditation in today’s fast-paced world.
Preparation of participants – beginners and advanced.
The age of the participants – from 16 to 99 years.
Number of participants – max 15 people.
Participants of the workshop will receive Certificates.
The necessary means are provided by the organizers.
Aprons and water cans are available on request.


5th of May
5 pm Introduction to calligraphy concepts, authors, tools. Initial
elementary tasks based on intuition and inner feeling.
5.45 – 6 pm Break.
6 pm Basic means of expression in calligraphy. Plane, line, spot, rhythm.
Practical rhythmic tasks. The meaning of word and text through visual expression.
6.45 – 7 pm Discussion of the results.

6th of May
5 pm Calligraphy and emotion. Expression of contrasting, marginal moods and emotions in calligraphy.
5.45 – 6 pm Break.
6 pm Composition, rhythm, balance. Composing multiple objects
6.45 – 7.15 pm Discussion of the results.

Workshop will be held at the Art departament of Klaipeda City Municipality Imanuelis Kantas Public Library. Address J.Janonio st. 9, Klaipėda

The digitized works of the participants of the creative workshops will be exhibited on the website of the School of Calligraphy and Lettering Art: and on the school social accounts.


Two famous calligraphy artists Lidija Skačkauskaitė-Kuklienė,  associate professor  Vilnius Academy of Arts, and Mindaugas Petrulis calligrapher, bookplate (ex-libris) creator, associate professor  Vilnius Academy of Arts, will lead a creative workshop on the interface between calligraphy and ex-libris EXLIBRIS  IN A NEW WAY. 

We will get acquainted with the principal means of expression, the basics of composition, combining  the rules of Western calligraphy with the expression of Eastern calligraphy during the workshop. We will learn to reveal the meaning of the word and the text through visual emotional expression. 

And most importantly – we will create a specific artwork – a font ex-libris for your chosen personality (maybe for Vytautas Mačernis?), institution, anniversary. During the session, innovative creativity techniques will be applied and new ideas generated.

You will have a great opportunity to display your talents, and to unleash your creative powers, and imagination. 

The workshop is free and open to all, regardless of age, gender, education, ability.

The organizers will provide tools and materials.

Detailed Schedule;
14th of June

5 pm   Introduction to calligraphy; concepts, directions, authors, tools, materials.

Lecturer L. Kuklienė

6 pm 15 minute break.

6.15 pm The basic means of expression in calligraphy. Plane, line, spot, rhythm.

Lecturer M. Petrulis

7.30-8 pm Discussion of the work of  those participating in the workshop 

15th of June

5 pm  Selected font modifications. Sketching, search of expression.

Lecturer M. Petrulis

6 pm .15 minute break.  6.15 pm Composition, rhythm, balance. Composing multiple objects.

Lecturer L. Kuklienė

7.30-8 pm Discussion of the work of those participating in the workshop.

16th of June

5 pm  Ex Libris. What is the Font Ex libris. Principles of composition.

Lecturer L.Kuklienė

6 pm. 15 minute break.

6.15 pm Creating a Font Exlibris

Lecturer  M.Petrulis

7.30-8 pm Discussion of the work of those participating in the workshop.

17th of June

5 pm Creating a Font Exlibris. Improvisations, collages. The format for the exhibition

Lecturers  L.Kuklienė, M.Petrulis

6 pm. 15 minute break

6.15 pm Creating a Font Exlibris. Preparation for the exhibition.

Lecturers L.Kukliene,  M.Petrulis

7.30-8 pm The discussion of  the work of participants, proofreading, improvement.

18th of June

3pm Presentation of the exhibition.

5 pm Exhibition of participants’ works.

Photos from creative workshop