Lidija Skackauskaite-Kukliene

Lidija Skačkauskaitė-Kuklienė  has been studying, working and teaching art for 39 years. L. Kuklienė is among the most famous Lithuanian calligraphers. In her artwork, she combines calligraphy, graphics, symbolism and positive psychology.
L.Kuklienė writes and supervises international projects, including 4 international calligraphy projects. More than 15 creative calligraphy workshops have been organized. The author has also published a book titled “Ideas of Written Art”

The artist is a member of the Klaipėda branch of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union.

Detailed schedule
24th of September

Workshop duration from  5pm till 8pm (including a short brake)

25th of September
Workshop duration from 5pm till 8pm (including a short brake)

Photos from creative workshop