Mindaugas Petrulis

Painter, calligrapher, designer Mindaugas Petrulis studied at Telšiai Technical School of Applied Arts, Vilnius Institute of Art Klaipėda Department of Visual Communications (now Vilnius Academy of Arts).
The artist regularly participates in calligraphy and ex-libris art exhibitions in Lithuania and other countries. Viewers in the USA, France, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia and, of course, Lithuania have had the opportunity to get acquainted with M. Petrulis’ art calligraphy For Mindaugas, who professionally explores various calligraphy techniques, the coherence of the content and form of a calligraphic text is always important.

Currently, M. Petrulis teaches at the Klaipėda Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts. He is a member of the Lithuanian Designers ‘Union and the Lithuanian Artists’ Union.

Participants in the workshop will learn about the dependence of manuscript on the choice and functional use of writing tools, and their creative input in the forms of calligraphy. Detailing the compositional principles embedded in the expressiveness of text. Furthermore, through a process of experimentation, participants will discover the variety of traces left by both traditional and non-traditional tools, and their potential for use in calligraphy.

A four-day workshop with calligrapher Mindaugas Petrulis will take place at the Arts and Crafts Courtyard, address Bažnyčių g. 4, Klaipėda on 22 nd-25th of September.

The workshop is free of charge.

Tools and materials will be provided by organizers.

Detailed schedule
22nd of September
Workshop duration from 5pm till 7pm 

23rd of September
Workshop duration from 5pm till 7pm 

24th of September
Workshop duration from 5pm till 7pm 

25th of September
Workshop duration from 5pm till 7pm