Linas Spurga (junior)

Linas Spurga (younger) is a calligrapher, graphic designer and lecturer, who holds a Bachelor’s (2015) and Master’s (2017) degree from the Department of Graphic Arts at the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA). In his creative practice of calligraphy, he is engaged in unconventional, experimental writing, uses unfamiliar tools, and is interested in the history and philosophy of calligraphy.

In the field of calligraphy, L.Spurga (younger) has performed live at a concert by experimental musician Thanos Chrysakis at the Kirtimai Culture Centre (2018), has written calligraphies for the HBO television series „Catherine the Great“ (2018), created a copy of an 18th century Karaite wedding certificate for the agency Process Office (2019), and wrote calligraphies for the MO Museum’s major exhibition „Why is hard to love?“, curated by the artist Saskia Boddeke and the filmmaker Peter Greenaway (2020). 

In the field of graphic design, Linas has created the visual identity for the festival „Druskininkai Poetic Fall“ (2019, 2020), as well as for the book publishing house RARA (2020).

Since 2017 L.Spurga has been working at Vilnius College of Design, where he has been teaching Typography and Typeface since 2018.

Since 2015, he has been running calligraphy workshops.
Calligrapher L.Spurga (younger) received an individual scholarship from the Lithuanian Council of Culture in 2017. He was granted the status of Art Creator by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania in 2020 and since 2021 L.Spurga (younger) has been a member of the Lithuanian Design Association (LDA) and the Lithuanian Copyright Protection Association (LATGA).


Participants of the Gothic script workshop will get acquainted with the principles and tools of calligraphy, learn the basics of Gothic script, the specifics and history of the script, and will try their hand at writing lower and upper case letters of the script as well as creating calligraphic compositions. The workshop will also present the Gothic script in the form of a lecture and demonstration.
The workshop is free and open to all 16 years old and over.
The organizers will provide tools and materials.

Detailed Schedule:
20th of September
5 pm– 6.40 pm Discussion of the workshop programme. Presentation of the Gothic typeface and personal creations. Demonstration – visual presentation of the Gothic typeface.
6.40 pm– 7 pm break
7 pm-8 pm Practical exercises. Tools, writing principles, basics of Gothic script.

21th of September 
5 pm – 6.40 pm Lowercase letters in Gothic script. Practical activities.
6.40 pm– 7 pm break
7 pm – 7.40 pm Practical exercises.
7.40 pm- 8 pm Discussion of the results.

22th of September 
5 pm – 6.40 pm Capital letters in Gothic script. Practical activities.
6.40 pm– 7 pm break
7 pm – 7.40 pm Practical exercises.
7.40 pm- 8 pm Discussion of the results.

23th of September 
5 pm – 6.40 pm Gothic font. Writing and composing text.
6.40 pm– 7 pm break
7 pm – 7.40 pm Creation of a composition.
7.40 pm- 8 pm Discussion of the results.

24th of September 
5 pm – 6 pm Gothic font. Creation of a composition, final theses.
6 pm Exhibiting and discussing of calligraphy artworks by workshop participants.

The digitized works of the participants of the creative workshops will be exhibited on the website of the School of Calligraphy and Lettering Art: and on the school social accounts.