Ona Bajorinienė

Ona Bajorinienė was born in Klaipeda in 1977. Achieved bachelor degree in political sciences in 1999 in Klaipėda University and bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Administration in 2009. Has qualification and licences to provide services as neuroeducator and neuropractic, issued by The Institute for Personality Development Rafaelis. From 2020 works in children and youth day center – implements sociocultural projects, organises volunteer work and public procurement procedures, provides educational activities and lectures for children and adults.

Neuroeducator Ona Bajorinienė will lead the joint workshop with Gina Jonas Calligraphy as Meditation.

Preparation of participants: no experience necessary.
Number of participants: max 15 people.
We will communicate in English in this distance workshop.

5th of October 
Short introduction of NEM (neuroeducational) methods.
Exercise “Good words”. It is an exercise dedicated for developing social intelligence. The uniqueness of this exercise is that it’s dedicated to revive one of the most important power of human consciousness- to love and to be loved. During the reflection time it is explained how important it is to recognize the good features about oneself.
Time: 3 minutes + 15 min reflection.

6th of October
Exercise “Acquaintance by colors” – method of acquaintance based on art therapy.
The goals are:
– to listen to yourself, choose colors intuitively for emotion and feeling.
– to paint emotions and feelings in color.
– to say compliments.
– to develop imagination, intuition and creativity.
Time: 20 minutes + 10 minutes reflection.

7th of October
Exercise “Boundaries” dedicated for development of emotional intelligence.
The goals are:
– to develop understanding of one’s own and others’ limits, dignity and tolerance.
– to develop communication skills in two, responsibility for one’s actions, adherence to agreements.
– to learn naming your own advantages and disadvantages.
Time:10-15min. + 15 min reflection.

Workshops will be held at the Klaipėda Faculty of the Vilnius Academy of Arts in the auditorium named after Prof. A. Kliševičius. Address Daržų st. 18, Klaipeda

The digitized works of the participants of the creative workshops will be exhibited on the website of the School of Calligraphy and Lettering Art: https://www.ink4.art/ and on the school social accounts.