Zita Inčirauskienė

Zita Inčirauskienė graduated Telšiai Technical School of Applied Arts in 1972, Vilnius  Institute of Art (now Vilnius Academy of Arts) in 1983. Z.Inčirauskienė is currently a professor  at the Telšiai Faculty Vilnius Academy of Arts. Since 2000 Z.Inčirauskiene has organized 17 author’s exhibitions and won awards at the International Textile Biennial „Soft world“, Republican Exhibition of Christian Art „Source of life“, Lithuanian Textile Biennial „Me mine for me“, was honored with the Samogitian Silver Badge for the preservation of Samogitian cultural identity and creative self-expression. Prof. Z. Inčirauskiene was awarded an Individual scholarship by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuaniain in  2009. The artist has participated in more than fifty joint exhibitions and projects over the past five years in Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Latvia, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Venice (Lithuanian pavilion), South Korea, Dominica, Italy, Poland, France.

Professor  Zita Inčirauskienė gives lectures, conducts calligraphy seminars for art teachers, schoolchildren and high school students. She initiates and curates exhibitions and projects of both professional artists and students.

The professor is a member of organizations:  Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Lithuanian Art Creators Association, Lithuanian copyright protection  organization. 

The maine scope of interests is calligraphy and textile.


Calligrapher  professor  Vilnius Academy of Arts Zita Inčirauskienė will lead a creative workshop


Influenced by postmodern art, classical calligraphy emerges from the usual two-dimensional plane, losing the usual trace of paper and ink. It becomes a form, an object, an installation. Calligraphy is integrated into other fields of art: cinema, theatre, applied visual or conceptual art,  creating non-standard volumetric or spatial forms. This visuality becomes more important than the thought expressed in the text in the artworks. Calligraphic exercises on fabric provide an opportunity to learn about the technological subtleties of this creative field. The goal and motto of this creative workshop is “Everyone can write interestingly!” Assessing the uniqueness of the personal manuscript, to get acquainted with the integration of calligraphy into textile art, to perform calligraphic exercises on fabric and to create an installation, a composition on the theme “Vytautas Mačernis shirts.”

Detailed Schedule;
14th of June Presentation of the workshop program, discussion of the workshop schedule 

4.30 pm  Lecture “In Search of the Limits of Calligraphy.” Unconventional ways of using calligraphy in various media (movies, theatre, sculpture, installation, textiles, etc.).

5.30 pm 30 minute break.

6-8 pm Prof.Z.Inčirauskienė will present her creative work “Calligraphy in textiles and also a     preview of the film “Bologna Towers 2000” (calligraphy, audio and video installation). The authors of the film are Brody Neuenschwander and Peter Greenaway. Duration 20 min. 

15 of June 

4 pm Announcement of the topic, discussion of goals and expected outcomes.

4.30 pm Calligraphic exercises on fabric. 

Part I. Personal manuscript, non-traditional tools, compositional provocations.

5.30 pm.  30 minute break.

6 pm Calligraphic exercises on fabric. Part II

7.30 – 8 pm The discussion of the work of those participating in the workshop.

16 of June 

4 pm Calligraphic exercises on fabric. Personal manuscript, non-traditional tools, compositional provocations.

5.30 pm. 30 minute break.

6.00 pm Concretization of the writing experience into the object “shirt”. Experience, emotion. Sketching.

7.30 – 8.00 pm The discussion of the work of those participating in the workshop.

17of June

4pm Calligraphic exercises on fabric continue. Concretization of texts, search for “own” rhythm. Experience, emotion.

5.30 pm. 30 minute break.

6 pm The implementation of calligraphic compositions in a specific object.

7.30 – 8.00 pm The discussion of the  work of those participating in the workshop. 

18 of June

4 pm Improvement and correction of created calligraphic objects.  The discussion of the exposition of the workshop participants

6 pm Exhibition of participants’ works, discussion

PLEASE NOTE. Requirements for participants  (KAIP IŠRYŠKINTI šitą info, KAD visi matytų?:)

The theme of the creative workshops is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vytautas Mačernis. Each participant should be interested in the poetry of this poet, and acquainted with the biography of Vytautas Mačernis. 

Participants have to have prepared some of their favourite short texts from the poet’s diaries and poems.

We recommend to read: A. Ruseckaitė „ Dūžtančios formos“, (biografinis romanas apie V. Mačernį), V.Mačernis „Praeinančiam pasaulyje praeisiu“, „Po ūkanotu nežinios dangum“, „Sielos paveikslas“ ir kitas.

The digitized works of the participants of the creative workshops will be exhibited on the website of the School of Calligraphy and Lettering Art: http://www.ink4.art/sample-page/ 

and on the school social accounts.